We are doing everything we can to help keep all of our climbers safe during the pandemic.

We have put together a List of Frequently Asked Questions that will hopefully help.

The Centre is now OPEN!

In line with government guidelines, people must exercise alone or with their own household and group exercise classes will not be allowed.

What will your opening hours be?

12pm-10pm Monday to Friday (10am to 10pm during holidays)

10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday

Do I Have to Wear a Mask?

Not when you are climbing, however we are asking people to wear a mask in the reception and communal areas of the centre in line with guidance from the ABC.

Do I have to book?

Yes, we now require any customers climbing at Flash to book a 2 hour session in advance through our website before coming in to the centre. This is to ensure we can limit the number of customers in the building at any one time and apply safe social distancing measures.  

Book your slot here


What do I do when I get there?

Please enter through the large shutter entrance at the front of the building.  Customers must also wash their hands and sanitise upon entry using the facilities provided.


Are new climbers welcome?

YES!  However you must remember to complete your pre-registration form before you come to the centre.


How are we enforcing social distancing?

Government guidelines allow one person per 9 sq m of floor space and we could comfortably fit 60 people in the centre.  However we have reduced capacity to 40 to ensure all of our customers get ample space to enjoy their climb.  We will not be able to accept groups of over 6 in the centre in line with the new guidance.

How often should I clean my hands?

We have set up designated hand sanitising stations throughout the centre, we encourage customers to use these as often as possible.

If I was registered before the centre closed, do I still need to fill in an online waiver?

If your last visit was BEFORE July 2020, then you MUST complete a new waiver form, as recommended by the ABC. This will last 3 years.

Is kit hire still available?

Climbing shoes are still available to rent out and these are thoroughly disinfected after each use fulfilling our governing body’s guidance.

Can I bring my kids?

One adult is able to supervise a maximum of two people at any one time, providing they are from the same social bubble. Please read our guidance here on child supervision.

What do I do when I leave the centre?

First and most importantly wash your hands, use the gels provided too. Make sure you let us know that you are leaving so we can check you out of the centre to allow us to Track & Trace. Our entrance is also our exit, so please be mindful of social distancing when leaving (and entering) the building.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation.

Please check this page regularly as our policies may change to stay in line with future Government Guidelines.